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Cooling System Installation

Do you have a new home being built? Are you ready to start thinking about how you will keep that home cool throughout the hot summer season? Or are you simply looking to incorporate a whole–house cooling system into an existing property? Whatever the specifics of your situation may be, you should know that you can count on our qualified install technicians to complete your air conditioning installation from Bee Electric Heating & Cooling with the greatest of care.

When you work with the professionals on the Bee Electric Heating & Cooling staff, you’ll have no doubts about the quality of the air conditioning installation that you receive. Not only will our exceptional technicians ensure that your air conditioning installation is of the highest quality, but we’ll also ensure that your system is the right fit for your home and your personal preferences. Dial our number today to discuss the cooling options available to you.

                    ENSURING THE RIGHT FIT

Did you know that the size of your air conditioner can have a major impact on its performance quality? We don’t mean the physical size of the unit, but rather the cooling capacity of your system. If your air conditioner is the right size for the space it is meant to cool, then you can expect to encounter a number of different problems. What you may not expect, though, is that bigger is not always better when it comes to a home cooling system.

The problems that you’d run into in using an undersized air conditioner are fairly obvious. The system would struggle in order to meet a cooling demand that it is simply not designed to handle, meaning that it will run for far too long and far too frequently as it tries to cool the space. This drives up energy consumption and utility bills, while leaving you living in less comfort than you deserve.


An over sized system is no better, though. An AC that is too large for a space will actually cool that property too quickly. This does not give the system time to sufficiently dehumidify the air, and the frequent short cycling will put unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment. When we install your AC, it is sure to fit your home just right.

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