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Preventive Maintenance


What is Preventive Maintenance and why is it critical? That's a great question that many might ask.  It turns out, preventive maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your home's HVAC System.  

Preventive Maintenance is a yearly system overview, startup, and general cleaning that is completed by one of Bee Electric's professionally trained staff members.  There are many benefits to having a PM Agreement with Bee Electric Heating & Cooling:

  • Extended Equipment Life 

  • Fewer Major System Repairs

  • Overall Safer Systems

  • Improve Equipment Efficiency

  • Improved Homeowner Comfort

  • Increased Knowledge of System

  • 1 Heat & 1 Cooling Maintenance

What does a Heating Preventive Maintenance Consist of?


  • Clean and Polish Furnace Exterior

  • Clean inside of furnace 

  • Check furnace operation and startup

  • Measure static pressure of system

  • Replacing 1" Filter

  • Monitor Temperature of Supply Air

  • Monitor Temperature of Return Air

  • Check for Carbon Monoxide in duct work

  • Check Furnace shutdown using Thermostat

  • Complete Visual Inspection of All Furnace Wiring


Furnace Only: $125

AC Only: $125

Premium AC Only: $165

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